Las Vegas Field and Focus has over 10 years of extensive experience with television program and pilot testing. Our large multi-purpose room has space for Dial Testing set-up and can comfortably seat 65 people theater style with dials or 50 people classroom style with tables if you have questionnaires to complete after the viewing.

We maintain a large residential database and track various aspects of TV preferences to help recruit cost effectively for a variety of show genres. This also helps us maintain the strictest past participation restrictions to ensure you never have a  professional respondent in any session.

With the change in technology and consumer interface with it  we also conduct projects in which we pre-recruit respondents to view a program at home on TV and then either attend a focus group or complete an online survey to collect their opinions. 

Completed interviews are returned to the Field Supervisor, with 100% editing and usual validating procedures (10%) unless otherwise requested.

All studies are conducted in a professional and confidential manner.