Las Vegas Field and Focus has an extremely experienced staff in the new Central Location Testing facility. With over 15 years’ experience, the staff is familiar with the unique facets of conducting successful CLT product tests for a vast array of products and packaging test scenarios. No matter the product, from personal care like sunscreen and make-up to foods and beverages, our highly-trained research associates will ensure your CLT test is completed to exact specifications. With CLT testing areas both with and without client viewing options, we can offer you the most competitive pricing based on your particular specifications.

In our Product Testing Facility we have six computer stations and can expand the testing facility up to twenty-five computer stations if necessary. Our dedicated high-speed connections ensure your web-based survey will run quickly and efficiently on our system.

Some of the most common products for which we conduct CLT tests are:

  • Infant / Child Care Products

  • Personal Care Products

  • Food / Beverage Taste Testing

  • Home Appliance Feature Testing

  • Do It Yourself – Home Improvement Products