The professional product testing staff at LVFF understands the intricacies of conducting successful food and beverage taste testing. These are timing critical processes with extremely specific serving times and temperatures. Being well versed in the making of ice slurries, we can ensure your beverage is tested at the exact serving temperature you desire to maximize flavor.

With ample refrigeration and freezer space, we can accommodate the full range of fresh, refrigerated and frozen food and beverage testing. We have also conducted a wide range of studies for quick service restaurants providing runners to obtain products from the specified variety of QSR locations to be served within the typical 8-10 minute consumption time frame for most QSR take-out meals.

We understand and adhere to the local codes for sanitary food service procedures and ensure all necessary supplies are on hand to properly serve and sanitize the testing area. Though we do not have a permanent ‘test kitchen’ for on-site food preparation; we have utilized portable food tents and mobile food trucks to prepare and serve freshly fried or grilled products on the premises. With ingenuity and a little thinking outside the box, our staff can complete even the most challenging projects.

Some of the most common product categories with which we have conducted food and beverage taste testing are:

  • Grocery Store Fresh Prepared Deli Meals
  • Frozen Pizza / Entrees
  • Frozen Appetizers
  • QSR Hamburgers and Salads
  • Pastries / Ice Cream
  • Beer / Wine / Spirits
  • Frozen Concentrated Beverages