Las Vegas Field and Focus, LLC specializes in the collection of data for the marketing and public opinion research industry via focus groups and field interviewing. Our primary geographic coverage area is Las Vegas, Nevada.


LVFF is a, professional marketing research firm specializing primarily on the Las Vegas market. At LVFF our goal is to furnish the Market Research industry with the highest quality, most reliable data collection services available. We are continually expanding and improving our research systems, our facilities and equipment, and at the same time, increasing the professionalism of our interviewing and supervisory staff. At LVFF we are experts at gathering information. We believe we can provide you with the most accurate, up-to-date, detailed information that is available on any subject matter for any reason.


LVFF has studied an array of industries, ranging from the public sector to the hotel/casino industry. Clients include governmental agencies, legal agencies, publications, retailers, real estate/property management companies, advertising and public relations agencies, television/radio stations, medical organizations, non-profit organizations, new product manufacturers and the ever-expanding entertainment industry. 

LVFF performs both qualitative research (e.g., focus groups, mock jury trials, in-depth interviewing) as well as quantitative research (e.g., attitudinal studies, demographic segmentation studies, etc.). We use many different types of research methodologies, including telephone interviewing, intercepts, business-to-business research, and executive interviewing. 


As a research agency, LVFF employs a professional field and facility staff that provide all aspects of research services to keep all phases of projects in-house, which assures high-quality work. 

Understanding and keeping pace with the dynamic nature of today’s marketing industry, we continue to adopt new strategies and services to measure and evaluate the changing consumer.