Being the world's gaming capital, Las Vegas is the perfect market for gaming research. There are many facets to the consumer psychology of gaming and our professional field staff and research facility amenities will help gather the best data from our local and tourist gamblers. Locals and tourists have very different gaming perceptions and habits which our team can decipher to help you and your clients make the best possible executive decisions regarding new prototypes and improvements to existing game formats.

Las Vegas Field and Focus has extensive experience with gaming intercept interviews in the field to capture tourists opinions and an extensive database of local gamblers for pre-recruited studies at our facility. Our professional interviewers are extremely knowledgeable and proficient with not only conducting intercept interviews, but with recruiting from the casino floor for prototype game testing.

Whether you want to conduct your gaming research on-site at a casino property with tourists or in our large multi-purpose testing facility with locals  Las Vegas Field and Focus has the expertise to accurately and effectively collect the gaming data you and your clients need. 




Las Vegas Field and Focus Test Lab room can seat up to 80 people comfortably making this room perfect for a large group of respondents.