Hand in hand with our Central Location Testing, the professional research staff in our Product testing Facility are well versed in the specific needs that accompany product distribution, tracking and return for successful HUT projects. With extensive tracking and follow-up, Las Vegas Field and Focus maintains higher than National average return rates for HUT projects ranging from 1-3 days to 6-8 weeks of product usage.

If your HUT has an Internet based survey for pre/post usage data collection, our new facility has six computer stations for respondents to use, or they can be screened to ensure they can complete the survey at home after each product use.

We maintain a secure storage site on the premises to ensure proper security protocols before, during and after product distribution.

Some of the most common products for which we conduct HUT tests are:

  • Infant / Child Care Products

  • Personal Care Products

  • Food / Beverage Taste Testing

  • Feminine Hygiene Products

  • Do It Yourself – Home Improvement Products

  • Household Cleaning Products