Las Vegas Field and Focus, LLC maintains a professional field data collection staff and collects over 2000 intercept interviews monthly in Southern Nevada for a variety of annual tracking and visitor statistics studies. Our well trained and highly experienced staff has mastered the art of intercepting respondents, probing to ensure information is complete, and conducting review and validation to ensure the information is accurate. We have earned the reputation as a quality oriented field agency that gets the job done to your exact specifications. We continually strive to adopt new strategies and service methodologies to measure and evaluate the ever changing consumer.

Our staff is well versed in collecting data for many different types of studies including:

  • Attitude Studies
  • Behavior Studies
  • Concept Test Studies
  • Shopping Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies
  • Political Studies
  • Tourism Studies
  • Convention Attendees

Methodologies Include: 

  • In-Store Tests
  • Tourist Intercept
  • Pedestrian and Vehicle Counts
  • Product Taste/Use Tests
  • Ethnography Studies
  • Stop Along Studies

Our field personnel consists of Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic and Asian interviewers speaking a wide variety of languages giving us a unique ability for tourism and convention attendee population inclusion in your overall data collection target population.

LVFF field projects are supervised continuously with hands on project administrators and reporting updates can be provided on a daily basis at the end of each day. Professionalism, experience, supervision and training are the true keys to a successful field project and our management team understands the importance of true and accurate data. Therefore, our unique understanding of the dynamic nature of this market and the market research industry in general gives our professional field research team the ability to complete even the most difficult projects on time and on budget.

Las Vegas Field and Focus, LLC projects are supervised continuously with hands on project administration. Reports and updates can be provided on a daily basis at the end of the day. Our field staff is constantly managed in a professional manner. 

As a research agency, LVFF employs a professional field and facility staff that provide all aspects of research services to keep all phases of projects in-house, which assures high-quality work. 

Understanding and keeping pace with the dynamic nature of today’s marketing industry, we continue to adopt new strategies and services to measure and evaluate the changing consumer.

  • The Supervisor reviews all study material.
  • Briefing is conducted and audio taped.
  • Study Description and Objective is stated.
  • Description and Review of Sampling procedures.
  • Detailed review of the questionnaire and discussion of special instructions.
  • Practice Interviews.
  • First day/On-Site reviews of all completed work.